Small Business Start-up and Development


We have been teaching business development classes and workshops to groups of people interested in starting their own businesses for over thirty years. Most of these people know nothing about starting or running a business, but they have a dream. They dream of working for themselves, making their own hours, being their own boss and making a living at it.

Over the years, we have found that out of all these entrepreneurs, those that achieve success  share one common trait. They have identified their skills, know their limitations, and have put together a team of professionals to help them along the way.

Identify your skill sets. 

  • Are you someone that loves paperwork and organizing?
  • Do you enjoy working with financial spreadsheets and numbers or does the idea of balancing your checkbook make you queasy?

Identify the skills that you have or are interested in learning then put together a support team, a board of directors if you will, to help fill in with the areas of management that shouldn’t drain your precious time. Your board of directors might consist of a website designer, graphic artist, bookkeeper, and a financial/tax advisor. These people should be trusted professionals that are willing to partner with you in your dream of owning a successful business. They are your supporting cast!

The tax preparers at Taxing Matters want to be a part of your team! The road to successful self-employment is not an easy one to travel, and it is not one that you need to travel alone.