During the year clients will often find themselves in situations that require a meeting to outline and analyze particular business and tax situations.

Whether you are contemplating the purchase or sale of a business, trying to decide to relocate, weighing the benefits of self-employment versus employer employment, or trying to make the decision to sell a home, this session is an invaluable tool in exploring all sides of the equation before making a decision.

For over twenty-five years our clients have calling on us to help them navigate life’s toughest decisions.

Do you have tax problems?

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Installment Agreements

Late Tax Filings


Lien/Levy and Garnishment Release

Life Happens, and clients that contact us often have tax problems. If you have fallen behind in filing your tax returns or have outstanding tax debt we can help. The Internal Revenue Service has the power to garnish wages, file tax liens against your property, or place levies against your bank accounts. 

As part of our representation service, we file a power-of-attorney allowing us to contact taxing agencies on behalf of our clients. We obtain records providing income information, prepare back tax returns, and work with tax agencies to make arrangements for payment plans on behalf of clients that have tax debt. In some cases we can submit an offer to settle a tax debt thereby saving taxpayers thousands of dollars!

We have been working on helping clients resolve tax problems for over twenty years so we have systematic solutions that can bring relief to clients that are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by tax problems.

If you have failed to file tax returns or have outstanding tax debt, you should contact our office to discuss your options.